Why is our  Coffee The best?

1. Fresh Roasted Daily In House!

(We may not have invented the wheel or the Thigh Master (insert trademark here so we don’t get sued) but we have invented the best dang coffee in the world!  So, Please excuse the occasional smoke, its not easy being this good!  J )


2. Organic Ingredients…

(We exhaust all lengths to make everything organic.  While we have not found a way to make it 100% organic, we are not giving up.  Easily 95% of all the items we use are currently organic!  Feel free to ask for more info – just make sure to ask Morgan! j/k.)


3. ALL Coffee Beans are Specialty Grade.

(Specialty Grade Coffee’s are the best in the world.  They are the top 3-5% of all coffees in terms of quality & go thru a strict selection process.  Often times, they are also very rare.  We spare no expense… now that is love!)


4. ALL Coffee Beans are Fair Trade or Direct Trade Organic.

(Coffee is the most traded food commodity in the world.  Making sure these farmers get a fair price for their coffee and not taken advantage of is very important.  Yes, Ryan is a big softy!)


5. ALL Coffee Beans Types are Carefully Selected from Around the World.

(We are trying to bring our customers the highest quality and most diversity!)


6. Please Recycle!

(We are big into recycling.  Yes we recycle as much as we can inside the store. But also all our cups, lids, utencils, napkins, etc. is all made with the highest recycled content available.  We truly care and put a lot of effort into being environmentally responsible!  Hope you do the same!  It has been rumored that Ryan only showers every other day to conserve water.  The jury is still out… J )


7. Made w/ LOVE & a Sprinkle of FUN! ENJOY!