What Makes Wilbur & Rudy’s Farmtable So Unique?

photo32Our concept continues to evolve from the original simple farmer’s market into a truly unique social endeavor. Our original vision was offering items like honey’s and jams, but we found out that we were on a journey that would teach us what the word “community” really means. From the beginning, this was a heartfelt & emotional idea for us to pursue. The business is named after our two wild and crazy boys, Wilbur and Rudy. Wilbur was 4 and Rudy was 2 when we opened the store May 16, 2015.

At first, we were unsure if using their names was the best choice but today there is no doubt it was. It not only means the absolute world to us, but it makes an immediate connection with our customers. Our goal every day is to foster a fun, warm, and inviting atmosphere that is family friendly. We simply want to offer many reasons and options for people to congregate and enjoy the sense of “community” that is unique to Milton.

We clearly don’t know what the future will bring for us or our little store, but we promise to always strive for the best in all we do and be good stewards of this town. Much love, Ryan, Beth, Wilbur & Rudy

“Meals & MEMORIES made daily!”