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*Specialty Grade Coffees are the best in the world.  They are the top 3-5% of all coffees in terms of quality; most of our coffees are Specialty Grade.  All are either Fair Trade or Direct Trade Organic, and have a “cupping” grade of 75-80 or higher!  ENJOY!  WnR


It arrived just now and I made my first cup. I drink it black. Superb! I’ll elaborate further in case you’ve nothing better to do than read your reviews. When I suspected that it could be Blue Mountain arabica beans grown in Haiti in soil similar to that in Jamaica (is this correct?), I was intrigued. Years ago (when I was about 40) I sprung for some Blue Mountain from Jamaica and have never forgotten the mild, creamy taste. Delicious but unaffordable. Later I discovered Kona coffee in Hawaii made from the Blue Mountain varietals and arranged with a small estate on the Kona coast to keep me supplied with medium roast Kona whole beans at about half the price of genuine Blue Mountain. It took several iterations on the roasting for them to get medium roast correct because everybody tended to roast too dark in those days. Over the years (I’m 85 now) the price of my Kona increased to much for daily use, and last year I switched to beans grown in the Segovia region of Nicaragua. Slightly more acidic than Kona but much less expensive. Finally, after all these years, I’m back! Your Blue Mountain is as good as the original I tasted some 45 years ago (at best I can remember it). Your medium roasting needs no adjustment. Light brown, perfect! And it”s affordable! I’ll order again when this is gone! You’ve made me a happy old man!

You’ve made me a happy old man!