Coffee & Food Pairings

coffeeJust like every wine goes perfect with certain foods and tastes, clearly it’s the same for coffee.  We took it upon ourselves to do some pain filled research that involved extreme sacrifices of drinking the best coffee’s in the world roasted right here at WnR and sampling them with various amazingly tasty foods. 

Only WnR would be so selfless and dedicated in its pursuit to bring knowledge and enlightenment to all its wonderful customers.  In all seriousness, we hope you enjoy reading this half as much as we enjoyed gathering the information.  WnR 



Region 1:

Latin America
Area Central and South America, Caribbean, Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico
Acidity Medium to high
Body Light
Flavor Well-balanced, sweet, intense, tangy
Recommended Roast mild to medium, to preserve the brightness of the bean without introducing bitterness
Accompaniment Breakfast, toast, muffins

Region 2:

Area African continent, Middle-east, Arabia
Acidity Medium
Body Medium, syrupy
Flavor Spicy, wine-like, cocoa, citrus fruits and berries, wild
Recommended Spicy, wine-like, cocoa, citrus fruits and berries, wild Roast Dark
Accompaniment Milk chocolate, cheesecake

Region 3:

Area Asia, Indonesia and surrounding pacific islands
Acidity Low
Body Bold, strong, heavy
Flavor Powerful, robust, earthy, smooth, flowery, robust, hearty, bitter tones
Recommended Roast dark to very dark
Accompaniment Dark chocolate, rich desserts, caramel
Brazilian Mild Medium Complex Dry, spicy, sweet, lingering Medium
to Dark
Almond biscotti or buttery shortbread
Colombian Medium Strong Medium
Heady, full rich, sweet, caramel Medium Carrot cake or zucchini nut bread
Costa Rican  Subtle,
Fine, Distinctive
Full Fragrant Rich, smooth, sweet, delicate, smoky Medium
to Dark
Lightly flavoured baked items or fruit muffins
Ethiopian Mild
Full Complex,
Rich, spicy, gamey, hints of cocoa and wine Medium Lemons or lemongrass dishes, like Thai curry soup with lemongrass, lemon chicken, lemon bars
Guatemalan Medium
Heavy Lively Rich, chocolaty, soft, mild, subtle, smoky Medium
to Dark
Sliced Apples Dipped in Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Cake
Haitian Mild Heavy Faintly
Full, winy, sweet, rich, mellow Dark Fresh peach scones, apricot  torte, fruit tarts, berry or apricot pie
Hawaiian Kona  Medium
Medium Fragrant Very aromatic,
Spicy – cinnamon, cloves Rich, winy
to Light
Oatmeal, oatmeal cookies, coffee cake, maple bars
Jamaican Rich Full Good Perfectly balanced, pleasant, lingering Medium Blueberry coffee cake, doughnuts, or biscotti
Java High Medium
Spicy Exotic, smooth, mellow, musty, smoky, winy Medium Soft cheeses and sautéed mushrooms, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil on toasted French bread
Kenyan High Medium Fragrant Intense, floral, winy, lemony Medium
to Dark
Fresh fruit or currant scones, berry tarts
Mexican Low
Delicate Medium-Light,
Faint, thin, dry, sweet, hazelnut Medium
to Light
Citrus scones or muffins
Nicaraguan Low
Light Faint Mild, pleasant Medium
to Light
Oatmeal, oatmeal cookies, coffee cake, maple bars
Sumatran Medium Full,
Heavy, Velvety
Smoky Exotic, earthy, musty, natural Dark Sautéed mushrooms, roast beef, hash browns, potatoes gratin
Tanzanian Kilimanjara  Delicate Good Good Rich Medium
to Dark
Fresh peach scones, apricot   torte, fruit tarts, berry or apricot pie
Yemeni Delicate Medium Fragrant Dry, sweet, mild, wine Medium Baba ghanoush and pita bread, rice pilaf, chocolate covered blueberries